Once again, water cannons and tear gas had to be deployed in Brussels

Once again, water cannons and tear gas had to be deployed in Brussels

Sunday’s crackdown on measures against the coronavirus outbreak in Brussels led to a police crackdown on water cannons and tear gas, MTI reported, citing the Brussels Times news portal.

The demonstration took place as a peaceful march for a long time, but later a group of protesters clashed with the police in a part of the city that houses European Union institutions. This wasn’t the first time this had happened in the Belgian capital last year At the beginning of DecemberAnd then this year Also in early January There was an example of a similar example.

Demonstrators reportedly caused damage to nearby vehicles and buildings and smashed windows of the European External Action Service.

The protest, which was reportedly attended by about 50,000 people in other Belgian newspapers, was initiated by the European Union. Assembly President Tom Mert He told the Belgian press that protests had taken place against the “undemocratic” application of epidemiological measures.

According to the Belgian daily La Libre Belgium, the organization said in a statement that it calls for a demonstration

The spread of the coronavirus, hospital overcrowding, and the deaths of people in poor health cannot deviate governments from guaranteeing basic freedoms.

The movement also criticizes governments for not holding a public debate before making decisions based on scientific advice.

The Belgian Prime Minister announced on Friday that the restrictions imposed will be relaxed, and also said that a third vaccination will be mandatory within five months of the second vaccination to maintain the validity of the protection card.

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