Older people in Norway have not died from the vaccine

Older people in Norway have not died from the vaccine

According to the Norwegian health authorities, there is no evidence that many elderly and chronically ill people in the country died as a result of the Coronavirus vaccine, he writes. Bloomberg.

Norwegian Medicines Agency yet Last week warnedFor older adults, vaccination may be risky after 33 people over the age of 75 have died after receiving the vaccine.

Steinar MadsenThe head of the agency has now spoken at Bloomberg’s request that

Coronavirus is clearly much more dangerous than the vaccine. We were not afraid.

He added that each of the deceased was suffering from a very serious illness.

We cannot say that people will die from the vaccine. Rather, it can be said that it was perhaps a coincidence. It is difficult to prove that a vaccine was the clear cause of their death

Madsen added.

In Norway, as of last Friday, they had only been vaccinated with a vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. To date, at least 42,000 people have received the first dose, including those most at risk and most at risk of infection.

Madsen also told Bloomberg that the side effects of a vaccine can, in some cases, make the course of already serious diseases more severe. He said this cannot be ruled out.

In Norway, we have more or less of the population vaccinated in all nursing homes, and the death rate is well below one in a thousand.

The first comprehensive European report on vaccine comments is expected to be published in late January.

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