Ukraine evacuated desert cream from Kabul

Ukraine evacuated desert cream from Kabul

It is not known whether the world-famous Afghan director took refuge.

The head of the Ukrainian presidential office announced on Twitter that Sahraa Karimit His family was evacuated from Kabul and they are already in Kiev. Andrej Germack She described it as a pity that Afghanistan had become an unsafe country for “genius talents” like the director. He noted that Ukraine is doing its best to help get the Ukrainians and foreigners whose lives are now at risk from Afghanistan.

The director was able to arrive at dawn on Monday by a plane that transported 79 people from Kabul. Most Afghans, including five Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tajiks, Croats and Dutch, were evacuated from Afghanistan under Taliban rule. He was quoted by MTI as saying: Andrey DemchenkoA border guard spokesman who told Ukrainian news agency Pravda that nine of the evacuees had taken refuge in Ukraine, some of whom had traveled to other countries. It is not yet known whether the film’s director has applied for asylum in Ukraine.

Karim had to leave Kabul after making headlines open letterIn which he appealed to the world to protect Afghan filmmakers and art from the Taliban. Despite the danger that threatened him, he was filmed until the last moment, documenting events in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, he announced that the Slovak Academy of Film and Television, the office of the President of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the ambassadors of Turkey and Slovakia had helped him and 11 other people escape from Kabul.

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Karimi, born in Tehran in 1985, an Afghan and Slovak national, has been running the state-owned company in Afghanistan since 2019. She is the first and only woman in Afghanistan to earn a Ph.D. in cinema. His films are also known outside Afghanistan. Directed by Hava, Maryam Ayesha which was shown at the 2019 Venice Film Festival and explored the issue of abortion.

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