NS.  Speed ​​skating: men's relay semi-finals at the World Cup in Beijing

NS. Speed ​​skating: men’s relay semi-finals at the World Cup in Beijing

The Hungarian men’s relay reached the World Cup semi-finals in Beijing with a race victory, but the women’s did not.


The men’s relay at the World Cup semi-finals in Beijing (Photo: Karoli Orfay, archive)

Petra Jászapáti continued her good performance at the World Cup in Beijing: The world 1,000m silver medalist overcame two hurdles on Friday, reaching the quarter-finals on Sunday.

Beijing – by the numbers

Stakes for the Winter Games starting on February 4 can be taken in the four-station World Cup series (Beijing, Nagoya, Debrecen, Dordrecht) – the top three results will be included in the final standings.
Competitors do not receive quotas by name but by country.
At 500 and 1000 metres, 32-32 and in 1500, you can start 36-36 short tracks at the Five Ring Winter Games (up to three skaters from one country per round).
Relay races (men’s, women’s) are organized with the participation of eight teams.
Among the mixed relays, the best 12 quads of the vk series can run on the ice in Beijing, but here it is not enough to get the best result in the team, the starting condition is that both women and men have 2 individual quotas..
Up to five men’s and five women’s short tracks in each country can travel to attend the Olympics.
In addition to Liu Shaolin Sándor (FTC), Liu Shaoang (FTC) and Krueger John-Henry (FTC) in the Beijing and Nagoya rounds of the four-station vk series, Péter Jászapáti (SZKE), Bence Nógrádi (FTC) and Dániel each represent Tiborcz ( MTK), Petra Jászapáti (SZKE), Zsófia Kónya (SZKE), Rebeka Sziliczei-Német (FTC), Sára Luca Bácskai (MTK), Barbara Somogyi (JSE), Maja Somodi (SZKE.)

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Like Alexander Liu Shaolin, Liu Shuang and Kruger John Henry: all three qualified for the quarter-finals with their race victory.

Zsófia Kónya and Sára Luca Bácskai were already eliminated in the playoffs during this round.

The quartet of Sara Luca Baxsky, Petra Gaspate, Zofia Cunha and Rebecca Zelitzi-Nemet were not in an easy position, as they had to battle the Chinese and the Italians to reach the semi-finals – which the Britons weren’t going to do. Kick the ball in this race.

Unfortunately, the paper model was confirmed, the switch between China and Italy confidently completed the three thousand meters, and most importantly, it did all this faster than the Hungarian quartet, so our country fell.

But the fact that Jászapátiek still has something to do in the future shows that the fourth (!) best time on the 16th field was skated – behind the Dutch, Chinese and Italians, who also came close to the world record, and the result of 4:05,602 is really quite excellent.

In addition to the “supertrio” Liu Shaolin, Liu Shawang, Kruger John Henry, coaches voted for Peter Gaspati in the men’s sprint preliminaries, and the four played superbly: in their race only the Dutch were considered dangerous opponents, but in the end, Liu Sha straightens and slips imperceptibly Tight at the finish line.

The semi-finals of the men’s relay will take place in Beijing on Saturday: our team will have to fight against China, Canada and Italy to reach the finals – the finals for the first and second places.

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