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Nobody expected this: Duchess Catalin stopped by a tavern with her three-year-old daughter

Nobody expected this: Duchess Catalin stopped by a tavern with her three-year-old daughter

The nightmare of many parents with children is when their little one has to go to the bathroom in the worst possible situation. In the middle of an important event, or sitting in the car on the way home. This is exactly what Princess Catalin and Prince Filmos did Three-year-old Sarolta suddenly announced to her parents in central London in the car: she had to pee.

Princess Sarolta was three years old at the time. Photo: Jeff G. Mitchell

There was nothing else to do, and the Duke and Duchess of Wales (more precisely, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the time) took over. They went to a tavern called “Phoenix” and, to the surprise of the people there, used the bathroom for the little princess. And of course, before Princess Catalin entered the restaurant, holding Sarolta’s hand, the royal family’s security guards dressed in “disguise” quickly searched the place. As they strolled around the pub dressed casually and casually, the staff and guests were shocked to experience the sudden intrusion of members of the royal family.

Phoenix bar patron Maggie McKinney said the following about the incident:

I was sitting in my usual chair, and when all of a sudden I looked up, I suddenly saw Kate Middleton and Princess Sarolta. They looked so cute, and acted completely normal. Princess Catalin held the hand of her little girl, who was just like any other little girl.

Another guest also said he saw the Duchess get out of her black 4×4 Range Rover with her little girl, then surround her in suits and simply head to the pub with her daughter.

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the daily Mail The article also revealed that guards had warned those at the site that they could not take photos or videos of the royals while they were there.

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