New Zealand High Commissioner Wellington and her husband involved in a colonial conflict

“After four years in Wellington, it is time to be honest with you. It is the most amazing fountain I have ever seen,” summed up Toby Fisher, the former British actor.

Not many in Britain know who Toby Fisher is (his most famous role was part of the Xena Vanatas series), but many know who his wife is. Mrs. Laura Clark is the High Representative for the Crown in New Zealand. The Chief Commissioner is like the UK ambassador, but the two countries are in a union, so the Queen cannot send an ambassador for her. And perhaps there is no need to explain why a high-ranking British diplomat was uncomfortable with her husband removing a tourist attraction in his former colony. Laura Clark also tried to explain.

“As British High Commissioner for New Zealand, I would like to make it clear that my husband’s opinion… in no way represents my views or the position of the British Government,” she wrote on Twitter.

From this, much of the leadership moved into the fountain to the point where it was time for New Zealand and Australia to sever ties with the British Crown and eventually become a Republic.

This isn’t the first time a bucket fountain has been in the news. He was known to the world because of Elijah Wood. The American actor once peed at work while filming Lord of the Rings.


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