New net packages expected in Telekom

New net packages expected in Telekom

Magyar Telekom will regularly renew its fixed (and expected mobile) wallet in the fall, the first details are already available on the service provider’s website – Stab and HWSW. On September 29, the service provider will introduce new wired network packages on cable (HFC) and optical (FTTH or GPON) network. On the side of the company publishedThe prospectus for wholesale partners usually reflects the change in the company’s retail product range.

Telekom is changing the standards for cheaper access and extending width, so from September 29 it will offer on cable a network that provides 250 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload bandwidth (Guaranteed Bandwidth: 15/4 Mbps) and for optical access what Up to 250Mbps download and 70Mbps upload bandwidth, plus tariff packages offering 500Mbps download and 150Mbps upload bandwidth (Guaranteed bandwidth in both 80/30 and 150/40 cases Mbps) – writes paper.

The monthly retail fee isn’t known yet, and it’s not even known what existing wallet members Telekom will hold on its own offering, details are expected at a later date.

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