A civil war has broken out in America, just in our heads

A civil war has broken out in America, just in our heads

Former US President Donald Trump has captured one of the two major parties in the United States, the Republican Party, which could narrow the party base in the short term by dumping water at the factories of the ruling Democrats, but threatens to mess up American politics in the long run. term.

Former US President Donald Trump officially crowned himself as leader of the US Republican Party at the party’s annual convention, the Conservative Political Action Conference. The famous party, founded in 1854, died with this – Started Background analysis of the Guardian article published by foreign policy expert Robert Reich. Nothing was left of him except for a handful of shrinking elected officials who faced Trump but are now on the beach. Even Mitch McConnell, the party’s minority leader in the Senate, has faced a standoff over asylum. After doing so, his popularity index among Kentucky Republicans dropped to 29 percentage points, even though it had been doing well for them for 35 years. McConnell has been a senator from this state since 1985.

Who sees where he is running away

The goal of the political entity, now known as the Trump Party, is to spread the message as widely as possible that the 2020 presidential election has been robbed, thus stealing the presidency from Donald Trump. Republican politicians who disagree with this leave the party, which narrows the voting base in the national election but also strengthens the former president within the party.

First of all, this is good news for Democratic opponent President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. There is no better combination than an opponent headed by a failed head of state after his first presidency, whose popularity index did not exceed 47 percent at his best, was 39 percent at the end of his term and has since decreased to 34 percent. Most Americans hate or outright hate it, and most believe they instigated the revolt against the United States when it set fire to its followers in early January.

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What could come?

This gift could be sweeter on the opponent’s side after a Supreme Court decision soon revealed the former president’s previous tax returns, wrapping up confusing new business cases, payments and frauds. In general, Trump’s party, unlike its Republican “predecessor,” which used to function as a grassroots party, is now only for the minority that follows him as a fan base.

This, according to the Guardian expert, makes it nearly impossible for Republicans to resist Biden’s stimulus package and the subsequent infrastructure investment launch. Lacks unity, strategy, clear mission, and leadership,

They can only file an arrangement for Trump’s grievances, which is something that does not interest the majority of voters.

If, within a year, the pandemic becomes just an unpleasant memory, and the economy begins to grow and employment grows, then the Democrats could save on the interim elections of 2022.


In the long term, however, the worrying news for America is that a dangerous, self-deluded, and relatively violent minority tending to support authoritarian power is exploding from voters interested in preserving democracy. The big lie about election rigging was enough for this community to feel its job is to defend American democracy and fight the captive, undisciplined elite of society.

In this context, pro-Trump Republicans in 165 states introduced 165 bills to limit postal voting, tighten voter identification, and make registering to vote more difficult. Meanwhile, the Democrats are trying to reverse from point to point.

Civil war

A kind of civil war is emerging in which a national democratic party represents the majority of the electorate, unlike Trump’s powerful party in every crucial country that is politicizing with an overwhelmingly white working class. In other words, supporters of democracy and an authoritarian political system are in conflict with one another. What’s good for Biden and the Democrats in the short term is bad for America in the long run: One of the big parties bases its politics on a big lie, threatening to blow up the nation symbolically or practically.

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