Netflix is ​​almost switching to German programming

Netflix is ​​almost switching to German programming

They are doubling the budget for this.

Netflix has had German language success stories so far, such as the first self-developed content launched in 2017. the darkness (Dark), but since then they’ve made a great series (Million dollar source codeYou can read our criticism of it here, for example).

This phenomenon is expected to worsen in the coming years. The streaming service provider has announced that it will invest more in German-language content and double its budget. In numbers, it looks like this:

From 2021 to 2023 onwards, they will spend around 500 million euros on their German, Austrian and Swiss programmes.

A total of 19 shows, including nine series, five films, and five non-fiction works will be produced during this period. Some of the expected content has also been given a taste, including a number of thrillers, such as the former recession killer cleobut also seeks to portray narcissism and megalomania in the business world as king of stones. In addition, the Queer Eye And the Austrians are making a fashion series for Netflix around the dark pages of the Sisi story, Empress at. In part, it is clear that they are trying to cater to local needs, but it is not unreasonable that the world-famous Korean and Spanish Netflix series are also competitors.

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