Maneater: lám, a cápa szája tátva (Forrás: Deep Silver)

Index – Meanwhile – Be a cannibal shark

In the game called Maneater, the point is that we don’t control a hero who fights sharks, but a shark that eats people. The game appeared free on PS Plus this week – but only on PlayStation 5.

How it would feel to smash and devour prey from swimmers to human injuries – we can experience that in the slightly disturbing PlayStation video game. PlayStation owners this week received their monthly PS Plus games, which are free as long as the subscription continues. Among them is a shark action RPG called Maneater, where we can eat humans with a human-eating shark while being hunted by shark hunters and other underwater monsters.

The relatively critically acclaimed game was released in the summer – back to PlayStation 4, of course – but now only PlayStation 5 owners can purchase the game, which was originally released for PS4, on PlayStation Plus. Although Maneater has received a patch for PS5 software (which allows us to enjoy ray tracing and cute textures while eating a human with almost a shark), the reason is not just because PS4 owners are excluded from the game on the PS Plus, but because it’s only because of the PS5s. (The console is still approx You can’t get it anywhere.) In Saudi Arabia, by the way, even PS5 players cannot access the game.

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