Netflix acquired the award-winning movie Kornél Mundruczó recently

Netflix acquired the award-winning movie Kornél Mundruczó recently

Netflix criticized Cornell Mondrocho Cut to a woman For his movie. The broadcast service provider obtained global distribution rights for the film, he writes The Hollywood Reporter.

She portrayed Vanessa Kirby, a woman portraying the loss of her newborn baby, at the Venice Film Festival. The creative According to the review, the Netflix advertisement appeared shortly after Kirby won the award.

Mondrochu said in a statement announcing the news that

As a European director it is a great honor and opportunity to upload his movie on Netflix.

Photo: MTI / AP / Invision / Joel C Ryan

Netflix’s taste for indie films is reminiscent of the 1970s United Artists era

he added.

The film also won a jury prize for best film from a jury of 30 students the day before. Kata Weber wrote the screenplay for the film based on her own play.

Martin Scorsese is the executive producer of Kornél Mundruczó’s first foreign-language English-language film.

The film was produced by American-Canadian BRON Studios and Little Lamb, in association with Creative Wealth Media and local Proton Cinema. The film’s producer is Viktória Petrányi (Proton Cinema), editing was recorded by Dávid Jancsó.

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