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Modern theater visuals can rival Netflix

Modern theater visuals can rival Netflix

How did you do Rika Ballet Photographer?

– In the beginning, photography started as a hobby for me as well as for many professionals. Since I have been ballroom dancing for many years, this interest was taken for granted. I started shooting a hip-hop group in Pest, and then when my husband and I lived in Russia for a while, I shot dance scenes there as well.

When we moved to Rijeka, I got to know many local ballet dancers, one of whom became the head of the troupe. They happened to see the pictures you took and liked them. Soon I was asked to record rehearsals as well. In the end, the co-working went so well that I’ve been serving as the company’s official photographer for nearly eight years now.

What kind of experiences did you have after that while working here?

– I was fascinated by the world of ballet dancers from the very beginning, the environment was amazing to me, the enchanting piano music that was played during the rehearsals. I think the fact that I’ve danced my whole life helps me a lot while I’m working, so the love of genre and knowledge are linked, and I have an insight into how each step ends, what comes next, and what moves could be more beautiful captured in a photo.

Totec Hajnal Fanny: I strive to reproduce the romantic and modern atmosphere created on stage Photo: Totec Hajnal Fanny

How did you experiment with photography performing Romeo and Juliet?

– As a stage photographer, the big challenge is that there is often not enough light on the stage, which tests our technical skills, as we have to take pictures with a longer shutter speed and higher ISO sensitivity, which impairs the image quality, and it is not easy to capture the movements of the moment.

Fortunately, in the case of Romeo and Juliet, enough light was available, so it was easier to take beautiful, delicate shots. I tried to reproduce the romantic and modern atmosphere that was created on stage.

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