Microsoft will sell ad space in games

Microsoft will sell ad space in games

On a theoretical level, anyone can do well with digital billboards.

The interested in trade Microsoft has reported that it will sell dynamically updated digital billboards in xbox games with a free-to-play business model. According to the sources, the advertising system under development will provide a source of income for the company, make it easier for game developers to monetize their products, and provide a wider camp for advertisers to advertise in video games.

Currently, digital billboards are only common in sportsSource: EA

According to sources, Microsoft is not naive, it wants to allow only certified and trusted brands in its system to prevent scandalous ads from appearing in games, and their developers may be flogged. If all goes well, sources say a solution may become available during the summer.

Billboard digital ads are not at all prevalent outside of sports games, and most gamers may have come across the idea in the original version of Burnout Paradise.

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