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Apple has given the green light to iPhone emulators – PCW

Apple has given the green light to iPhone emulators – PCW

The rules are changing, emulation will also be possible on Apple's platform, and streaming games will be easier to access as well.

When it comes to the advantages of Android, which is much more open than iOS, many people mention emulation as one of them, since it is real and true that thanks to Google's more lenient attitude, this genre thrives on the Android platform, thus taking advantage of the more modern hardware of the devices, and with With some knowledge, you can enjoy old console games with excellent quality.

However, it now seems that the era of emulators may also arrive for iPhones, as Apple recently gave the green light to apps for this purpose.

the AppleInsider Draw attention to himthat the App Store is an application store In Directive No. 4.7 As a result of this change, Cupertino now allows third-party software to be made available within applications not included in the binary, including HTML5 widgets, mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, and emulators of legacy game consoles.

At the same time, the company draws attention to the fact that the developer is responsible for ensuring that the selected software complies with applicable laws and App Store guidelines. As for the latter, there are still a number of regulations, such as, for example, the applications in question cannot share the data of their users with the third-party software provided in them without consent, and transactions must be made through in-app purchases, and top-rated content in the App Store. They must set the age limit accordingly

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Thus, the mitigation affects not only emulators but also apps that offer online streaming games. This is important because Apple did not previously allow services like Amazon Luna or Xbox Cloud Gaming to be listed in the App Store at all, stating that their operators would have to list each available game as a separate item in the App Store. Ultimately, Microsoft and Amazon eschewed the App Store with web-based apps, a practical design, but not as convenient as a dedicated app.

The adjustment to the rules was justified by legislation on digital markets that came into force in March, which forced Apple to make a sharp change of direction on a number of issues in the European Union, such as payment solutions and browser choice.

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