Microsoft is upgrading xCloud devices

Xbox One S servers will be replaced with Xbox Series X builds within Azure.

Microsoft is still at the end of 2018 announce Project xCloud, the company’s cloud gaming service. The system didn’t do much in terms of technical background in the first round, placing the Xbox One S inside Azure. The big advantage of this was that it made the testing period simple, but a major drawback was that I used as many Xbox One Sts as users using the service. The latter made the process very wasteful, since it was not fortunate to allocate the existing resources in this way, that is, it was already clear at that time that the devices would later be replaced with more modern capabilities.

Switch time is over, and Microsoft will replace the Xbox One S blade servers with the latest Xbox Series X alternative in the coming weeks. The switch will take several steps, but the goal is to only use your Xbox Series X in the cloud. One advantage of this is that xCloud will be able to play games released for Xbox Series X while maintaining compatibility with the vast majority of games released for Xbox One. However, there’s a more important reason emerging: Xbox Series X blade servers already use a similar level of hardware virtualization as AMD’s PC Radeons. This allows tiles to be shared between multiple users, making xCloud more sustainable. Some apps don’t even require the full resources included with the new console, so the Xbox Series X can serve up to two to three players while each program is running.

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In addition to the above, Microsoft will make certain next-generation games available on its cloud-based gaming service to users who own devices in the Xbox One family of consoles. This shouldn’t limit the capabilities of a particular title, as it won’t specifically make the Xbox One port, but it will still be playable through older consoles. This is why it is important for Microsoft to make xCloud sustainable, which requires installing new hardware.

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