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Mauritius went on a trip to the British Empire because of a small archipelago

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius has embarked on a symbolic conquest of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, which are officially under British control.

the trip Pravind Jugnoth Organized by the government of the Prime Minister of Mauritius in Chagos, he and his team raised the Mauritian flag. Gogoth described the act as a historic moment and said:

It’s time for Britain to hand over the islands.

the According to the BBC The raising of the flag was the culmination of a trip organized by the Government of Mauritius. Mauritius says Britain illegally occupies the islands, but the UK denies this.

The leader of Mauritius said he and two other islands called for the surrender of the Chagos Islands and for the British to abide by international law.

In 2020, following an international court ruling, the UK government said it had committed itself since 1965 to hand over the sovereignty of the territory to Mauritius, but this could only happen when the territory was no longer necessary for defensive purposes.

Britain controlled the Chagos Islands from its then colony Mauritius for half a century. At that time, more than a thousand indigenous people were evacuated to house a US military base. A group of displaced islanders have returned on the current voyage. They consider deportation in the early 1970s a crime against humanity.

According to the British Foreign Office, the UK “has no doubt” that it has sovereignty over the British Indian Ocean Territory.

We have owned it continuously since 1814, but Mauritius has not had sovereignty over the territory and its claim is not recognized by the United Kingdom.

They told the BBC in London.

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