Matteo Salvini's ceremony will support couples getting married in the chapel with €20,000

Matteo Salvini’s ceremony will support couples getting married in the chapel with €20,000

November 20, 2022 – 6:53 PM

Payment for a wedding dress, rings, ceremony lunch and photographs is also supported by the ruling right-wing Liga party, which has introduced a bill to support only church weddings, according to MTI.

They want to help couples who want to get married with the equivalent of twenty thousand euros or eight million forints. The only requirement is that they say yes in church.

Those whose annual gross income does not exceed 23,000 euros can benefit from the support. The condition is also set that the newlyweds must have had Italian citizenship for at least ten years.

The right-wing party led by Matteo Salvini submitted the same proposal to Parliament in April 2019, but it was not accepted due to a government crisis. Now, as a member of the ruling right-wing coalition, the League can count on a secure parliamentary majority. According to the party’s previous announcement, the initiative aims to increase the number of marriages and weddings in churches.

According to the latest data from Istat, more than 184,000 marriages took place in Italy in 2019, six percent less than the previous year. Church weddings accounted for 47.4 percent, while in 1990, more than 82 percent of weddings were in churches.

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