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Martín does not at all agree with the competition judges’ decision at the weekend

Martín does not at all agree with the competition judges’ decision at the weekend

Prima Pramac Ducati rider Jorge Martin received a long penalty after finishing third in the MotoGP race at Spielberg. With this, his chance of a podium in the main Austrian race was gone, and he only finished seventh.

On Saturday, Jorge Martin was involved in two controversial incidents. The Spaniard was considered by many to have caused chaos in the first corner, and later in the race he was responsible for the fall of Luca Marini, so he had to serve up a long penalty on Sunday.

Martin continues Do not agree either By decision of the competition judges: “I’ve watched the video countless times and talked to many former racers like Randy Mamola and journalists. These were situations where a mixture of different things caused problems. On Sunday we saw a more aggressive maneuver from another driver and nothing happened. It was from It’s especially unfortunate for me that I didn’t get a penalty during the sprint, but I had to take it during the main race. It reduces my chances, especially if I fight for the world title.

Bagnaia took the smoothest win of the season in Austria, extending his lead in the standings

Seventh place is a respectable result given the conditions, and Martín was 12.9 seconds ahead of winner Pico Bagnaia. In the overall standings, his points difference has increased to 62 points, and he is six points ahead of Marco Besicki third in second place.

“It was an incredibly good start from 12th and I was 3rd for a little while. Then I dropped to 14th, but I ended up 7th. That was the limit. I had to beat many competitors, which cost me a lot.” Time and rear tyres. In the end I resisted well, despite the current tire pressure regulation we can’t chase each other like we used to. We have to find a solution to that or we’ll only see boring competitions.”

“It’s a shame, I would have had the pace. Maybe not for the win, but second place would certainly come in handy. I have a feeling I would have been the only one who could have come close to Bagnaia. We have to focus more on qualifying, if we don’t succeed.” We will only fight for second place in the league.”

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