Many canals have almost completely dried up in Venice

Feb 21, 2023 – 10:05 a.m

Gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice on February 17 – Photo: Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

Balnet Nagy

One by one the canals are drying up due to the low tide and the lack of rain in Venice. Due to weeks of dry winter weather, Italy is experiencing another prolonged drought, according to reports guardian.

Venice usually has major floods around this time, and the fact that it has to contend with low tide is unusual even for the locals.

The lack of water makes it impossible for gondolas, water taxis, and ambulances, which also travel on water, to travel in the city.

Another great element of the weeks-long dry weather was that less than half the usual amount of snow fell in the Italian Alps.

The problem is Italian In a recording published by La Repubblica newspaper Looks good too. Environmental experts say several factors contribute to the unusual drought, including ocean currents. The Italian environmental protection group, Legambiente, has drawn attention to the fact that rivers and lakes in northern Italy are experiencing severe water shortages. Italy’s longest river, the Po, currently contains 61 percent less water than normal for this time of year.

An expert from the Italian Scientific Research Institute CNR said that the water shortage in the northwest regions is so great that it will need 50 days of rain. The water level of Lake Garda, for example, is so low that the small island on the lake can currently be approached by a land path. However, based on the latest weather forecast, forecast rain and snow may reach the Alps in the coming days.

Last July, Italy experienced its worst drought in the past 70 years. A state of emergency was also declared in the areas around the Po River, where drought was threatening agricultural production.

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