Russians splash money in Serbia on the basis of friends

Russians splash money in Serbia on the basis of friends

The Russian buyer can find a Serbian oil refinery for sale for a long time, and the investor does not really need the company, but can buy it in the traditional Russian-Serbian spirit of friendship.

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The Serbian state has been trying to privatize the Petrohemija Petroleum Refinery in Pančevo for several years, but now it looks like the company has found serious interest – written by Free Hungarian word Vojvodina. The Serbian press wrote that the Russian company Gazpromnefte will buy the plant. A few days ago, Alexander Buchan Kharchenko, Russia’s ambassador to Belgrade, said that talks were already underway.

An expert said that Russia does not need Petroemia, and Gazpromnefte is not involved in oil refining, but that the Russian side will take over the company. The Russians are, in fact, serving Serbia because it is practically impossible in the current situation receiver To find a company of this caliber, the expert explained.

On the other hand, Moscow will ask Belgrade for cuts, as it has done many times. It is now likely that they will be required not to increase the annual extraction premiums that the NIS-owned Russian oil company pays from 2024, when the agreement between the two Serbian-Russian states ends. Incidentally, this currently represents three percent of the company’s revenue and is the lowest in Serbia among companies that Oil Extraction dealing with.

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