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Majisi: The opposition hates Fudan very much because the government loves him

Majisi: The opposition hates Fudan very much because the government loves him

Five German universities and 24 Scandinavian universities belong to the Chinese University of Fudan, which has outreach departments in America and around the world. The joint ventures focus on business training and Chinese studies. Hungarian opposition parties are constantly attacking the planned Fudan University campus in Budapest. The youngest M1 program This Morning guest-starred was Zoltan Lomnici, a constitutional attorney.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, wife of the appointed Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Clara Dobrev, said she did not want Hungary to be a Chinese colony. In addition to this statement, there was criticism from other opposition parties that they planned to spread Chinese Communist ideology in the planned university.

ifj. Zoltán Lomnici said that if an influence arises in relation to Hungary’s sovereignty, which in some cases deprives the authorities, and narrows the international legal or economic space to maneuver in the country, it can be called colonialism.

However, if the Brussels ideology, which propagates the US-European vision, appears in Hungary, then many people really have reason to fear some kind of colonial intention. Of course, the emergence of an institution of higher education in Hungary does not mean that the particular institution has an influence on the state, sovereignty and independence of the country. “

Constitutional lawyer said.

Regardless of this, the European Political Union is a close political, economic and military ally of Hungary.

As the constitutional jurist said that China is Germany’s largest foreign trade partner. The two countries have been holding summits with each other since 2010.

“We can see a very exciting double match in the European Union. There is a political attack on the Chinese leadership, but the EU accepts the economic benefits.”

The son has been added. Zoltán Lomnici.

Between 2010 and 2018, China invested nearly $ 140 billion in the United States, and between 2010 and 2017, China made investments of a similar volume in the European Union.

“Since the country became a member of the World Trade Organization, the People’s Republic of China, since the announcement of the One Zone One Road or Made in China 2025 program, working capital has been consistently arriving in the European Union and the United States, respectively.”

The constitutional lawyer confirmed.

However, the political and ideological struggle must be preserved in terms of visibility. Before 2010, the social-liberal government led by Ferenc Gyurcsany also visited Beijing. According to a Beijing press release, Ferenc Gyurcsany said at a press conference that

It will be in the interest of strengthening cooperation in the field of higher education between the two countries. According to him, it is difficult to estimate the impact of having so many professionals in one country who have graduated from a university in another country. The Prime Minister would like to double the number of dozens of Chinese students studying in Hungary every year under the current scholarship program.

Recently, Peter Medjessy, the former Socialist Prime Minister, was asked about Fudan University.

“Research laboratories and institutes can be set up, and this is something to be welcomed. The opposition strongly hates Fudan because the government loves him.”

The constitutional lawyer also said that whoever does that They will enjoy the fruits of the knowledge center, They behave better in the process.

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