An extremely rare story.

The American woman who had two uteruses and gave birth to a baby girl two days apart has a “one in a million” birth story, the BBC reports. Kelsey Hatcher, 32, gave birth to her first daughter on Tuesday and her second on Wednesday at an Alabama hospital.

The girls are fraternal twins with different birthdays.

The mother, who was previously expecting to give birth at Christmas, said the family was already at home and “enjoying the holiday.” At the age of 17, the woman was told that she had a bilateral uterus, a rare birth defect that affects 0.3% of women.

The woman had previously given birth to three healthy pregnancies. Until now, she thought she only had a baby in one uterus, until a routine ultrasound revealed there was also a baby in the other uterus. “I was breathless, and we couldn't believe it,” he recalls of that moment.

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It's their story He documented it on Instagram.

Stories like his are very rare around the world. In 2019, a Bangladeshi doctor told the BBC that a woman gave birth to twins about a month after her other womb gave birth prematurely.

Related photo: Andrea Mabrey/University of Alabama Birmingham/AFP