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Laszlo Balek and Barna Heder don’t talk to each other anymore: they were colleagues and friends – Najm Hazai

Laszlo Balek and Barna Heder don’t talk to each other anymore: they were colleagues and friends – Najm Hazai

Barna Heder and Laszlo Balek His name is intertwined in the minds of many. From the second half of the 1980s until 1995, they were editors and reporters for the Hungarian television program Telesport.

After that, they often worked together and started many joint projects and were also friends. However, they did not speak to each other for some time.

Laszlo Balek and Barna Heder

Laszlo Balek and Barna Heder co-hosted The Ötödölő Test on public television in the 1990s. They jointly founded Híd Rádió Kft., which managed the Rádió Bridge commercial station in the Budapest area in the 1990s, and which acquired the publishing rights to Auto-Motor magazine. The Hungarian-language broadcast of Eurosport, which began on 1 January 1996, was also organized within this framework.

None of them appeared on screen for a long time, as Laszlo Balek left Hungary for several years and lived in Mallorca with Aneko Marcy and their two sons. He returned to television in January 2019, appearing as a presenter of the reality TV show Exatlon Hungary on TV2, of which he hosted three seasons, and then bid farewell to viewers.

At the end of August, RTL introduced Barna Heder as one of the presenters of Sztárbox.

Photo: RTL

Héder Barna welcomed viewers on RTL once again as presenter of the show Sztárbox, which started on 29 October. the eyelash In this regard, he conducted an interview with him, during which he mentioned the name of Laszlo Balek. He gave a succinct answer to a question about what their relationship is like now.

How should I say…? Our lives have gone and turned in a different direction

– Then he added that they don’t talk to each other at all.

When asked if they had a fight over something, the 61-year-old presenter gave an evasive answer.

Our story belongs to both of us. We did a lot of things together back then. Radio Bridge, a fitness club with a café inside, broadcasting Hungarian-language Eurosport, and I could list more, was a joint project. We were able to work well together, but then it ended. We haven’t looked for each other since.

The friendship of Gabor Pushkor and Laszlo Balek has ended

Gabor Puszkur and László Balic had been friends for years, but their relationship was said to have permanently deteriorated due to Andrea Varconi’s decision.

Cover image: PRO4, TV2

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