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Just a few weeks and huge changes could happen in the health sector

Just a few weeks and huge changes could happen in the health sector

Highest hospital debt ever By 23.4 billion Hungarian forints, exceeding the end of September, Laszlo Raski, Secretary General of the Society for Medical Technology (OSZ), told Economics. now 108.2 billion Hungarian forints Institutions are rolling in debt, the highest amount on record to date 84.6 billion Hungarian forints It was April 30, 2015.

Data from the Hungarian Ministry of the Treasury (MÁK) show little difference, according to health institutions at the end of September In the amount of 82.5 billion Hungarian forints Because of the model change, university clinics do not have to submit data to the state treasury due to the model change.

University clinic debts:

  • University of Debrecen: 9.914 billion Hungarian forints (+1.73 billion)
  • Semmelweis University: 1.139 billion Hungarian forints (+189 million)
  • University of Pécs: 7.447 billion Hungarian forints (+856 million)
  • University of Szeged: 7.337 billion (+929 million)

Of the debt, HUF 0.2 billion is owed to the state, HUF 0.4 billion is owed to the Social Insurance Financial Base, and HUF 81.9 billion is owed to suppliers and service providers, of which HUF 2 billion is directed to the state budget. .

Every second hospital is affected

Obligated to submit data to the state treasury From 563 institutions They all fulfilled their obligations. The number of indebted institutions reached 295 institutions in September, of which only 81 institutions had less than 30 days of debt, meaning only 81 institutions had less than 30 days of debt. In every second institution Unpaid bills piled up.

Earlier, on October 11, at a joint press conference, ETOSZ, Mediklaszter and OSZ, bodies representing the dominant interests in the Hungarian medical technology sector, drew attention to the fact that by the end of September, the volume of hospital debts had already well exceeded HUF 100 billion, and with These outstanding debts, they can no longer cope, and the companies have run out of patience, as they have been running their business on loans for several months.

In previous years, institutions typically did not settle 40 percent of bills in September, but by the fall that percentage had already risen to 66 percent, said Gyula Kiraly, co-president of Mediklaszter.

When Laszlo Raski was asked if there was any response from the government, he told our newspaper: They have not received an official response from anywhere. He added: At the Association of Health Economy Leaders (EGVE) forum last week, it was revealed that negotiations are taking place at a level where medical technology suppliers are no longer consulted.

Peter Takacs, EGVE’s state secretary responsible for health, said the issue of settling hospital debts could be on the government’s table at the beginning of November.

Suppliers went to the wall

At the event in Balatonalmadi, the State Secretary also spoke about how the goal, in addition to debt settlement, is to clarify to the Ministry of Finance what elements of the increased cost of debt do not originate from the administration.

This is certainly progress in the long term, although it carries risks.

Most importantly of all, discussing and negotiating this matter could postpone the date of debt settlement

Laszlo Raski argued.

In addition, although the Heterogeneous Disease Cluster Review (HBCS) is taking place in the health sector, according to information from hospital managers, institutions do not really want to apply for funding evaluation at the case level, thus the completion of one of the most important work items is delayed. According to the Secretary-General, what the Secretary of State said must also be taken into account: this entire campaign will have real and visible results in 1.5-2 years.

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The Medical Technology Association’s position is quite clear: while it supports the health government’s efforts to create transparent management and financing, payment for goods and services ordered and performed must be made on time. Even for the state, Laszlo Raski emphasized.

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