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József Éles: NB I/B’s rookies don’t even reach the level of relegated teams

József Éles: NB I/B’s rookies don’t even reach the level of relegated teams

According to Fejér team manager B.Á.L.-Veszprém, which is 12th in the men’s handball tournament, it would be a shame for his young team to be eliminated, and the tournament would be of no use if it was much weaker. The teams had to compete.

As the host, Fejér B.Á.L.-Veszprém led by three goals in the first half, and ended up losing 38-35 to Ferencvaros in men’s handball NB I on Saturday. After the match, Josef Ellis, club owner and head coach of Veszprém, said that every coach is disappointed after a defeat, but they are also disappointed by something else.

József Éles: NB I/B’s rookies don’t even reach the level of relegated teams

However, he does not want to talk more about this, because then he will receive a serious ban. However, he said this often, this annoying thing accompanies his team almost all season. “I have a feeling that we were hit at the wrong time, which upset the team greatly and we cannot afford itHe said suspiciously in M4 Sport Handball magazine.

I’ll be sorry if this team gets eliminated. I’m going to be a little harsh, I’ve seen NB I/B teams on the rise, and I don’t want to offend anyone, but they’re not at the level of the last three or four teams in the top flight. far from it. That’s why I’m afraid that if they come forward, they will slap the machines. Of course, they can become stronger, if they buy 4-5 serious players, they can become a good team“The former national team player said with his usual sincerity.

Regarding his team, he also said that it consists of many young people who must be treated humanely, praised and then die for victory. “There were coaches who were used to coaching other teams with different quality players, and that was not appropriate here. I’m getting along with this team, I took twenty-five creams to them yesterday, and that came last time too. Gabor Danje is a coach who has the same approach as me: if something goes wrong, he pats the player and tells him it’s okay, then you fix it. This is the Northern Line that I really like. The Danes and Norwegians do it the same way, they let them play, which is why Nordic handball players surprise the worldHe said of his training doctrine.

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