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Jenő Rácz appeared in X-factor, then Irene Varga shocked the mentors

Jenő Rácz appeared in X-factor, then Irene Varga shocked the mentors

How did Jenő Rácz get into the X Factor? Did the guides pass Irene Varga? This was the third choice for RTL Klub.

In the broadcast of the third selection of the X-Faktor 2022 show, time travelers appeared, and there were also those who came to “confess” to the guides. And there was no shortage of perfect sounds and amazing production this time either.

The biggest surprise or shock was when Irene Varga reappeared on The X Factor to perform one of his own songs, Maluma. The entire studio knew the lyrics to the famous hit song by heart, but Erica stared with an open mouth and couldn’t find the words when she watched Erin’s production. Eren came into the studio with confidence, because he was sure that with four yeses he would easily pass into camp, and then he couldn’t spit or swallow when the guides told him no one by one.

László Hörcher didn’t want to miss the X factor this year either. The name of the guitar break artist has become synonymous with RTL Klub, not only the audience but the guides also celebrated the legendary musical artist. Of course, the guides were already afraid of the returning competitor, who came to smash and crush this time as well. In the end, Bai surprised Alex with his own palette, which Laszlo immediately adopted. In the end, all the guides joined in the hug that came out of nowhere, and then David Miller hugged him as well. Furthermore, the competitor was recommended to Kitchen Chef VIP after Peti Puskás invited Jenő Rácz. The Michelin-starred chef immediately said yes to László, which means that artist Mr. Hörcher could soon also impress him at A Konyhafösefös.

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It was the turn of the determined applicants who did their best to impress the mentors. However, their production soon brought off the fuse in the studio, and since they did not agree with the mentors’ decision at all, they spoke again without hesitation.

“It’s all a shame!”

– The rider brutally killed the guides.

Csabi Pop has been on the X-Faktor stage several times. Last year, he had a bad conversation with Lacey, wanted to submerge him in water, and then pointed a microphone at the guide. Betty immediately cried when he saw the returning competitor, but according to Csabi Pop, he came with peaceful intentions. He approached Laci with an apology cake in his hand, but the guide did not dare to open the gift. After opening it, both guides burst out laughing.

The dimension door at Válogató opened for a talent show, with the returning contestants arriving one by one. This wasn’t the first time Dániel Basic had appeared in front of mentors, as he actually put himself to the test in the first season of the talent show. Then he performed the Hallelujah song, and now he came to Válogató with one of the most famous songs from the Padlás musical.

Dániel Basic wasn’t the only one who tested himself again several years later. However, the returning products didn’t impress the guides this time either, who harshly gave their opinions to the Time Traveler racers.

There were also a lot of talented artists: 16-year-old contestant Balázs Fecó Touch me! He blew up the stage with his titled song, and was such an amazing hit that he made it to camp with four obvious graces. The mentors are already sure that they definitely want Sebastian to be in their own team.

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21-year-old Dankó Tünde has written a lot of songs in recent years, inspired by the music of ByeAlex. It was precisely for this reason that he took to the stage with enthusiasm, because he was very curious how much a strict mentor would like to produce. He also came to Válogató with his own composition, for which he achieved a standing ovation from the entire studio.

However, the most touching moment in the broadcast was caused by Levente Deák, who came to the show not only with the goal of fulfilling the biggest dream of his life, but also wanted to please his younger brother by taking a picture with ByeAlex. The guide could not find the words when he found out that Levente had been prepared for the selection with his song “Vodka”. After the production the joint photo was completed and I was moved and he confessed to the two brothers:

“I’m proud to have an audience like you.”

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