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Japan's first space probe has landed, but there's a problem with the system

Japan's first space probe has landed, but there's a problem with the system

The moon was successfully landed by dawn on Saturday, Japanese time, and communications were made, but The probe's solar cells do not yet generate electricity to charge its batteries. However, this will be very important for data transfer.

We first transfer the data generated during landing to Earth

– announced Koninaka Hitose, head of the Institute of Space Research and Aeronautics. According to Hitosi, it is possible for the batteries to be recharged if sunlight hits the solar cells from a different angle.

The Japanese unmanned SLIM (Lunar Exploration Intelligent Landing Vehicle) spacecraft is 2.4 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. Its mass is 200 kilograms. His mission was not only to land itself, but also to land within a radius of one hundred meters of the designated place. It often happens that lunar rovers land several kilometers from the target, which complicates the reconnaissance mission.

Emily Brondsen, director of Aerocampus at York University in Great Britain, told Agence France-Presse that the accuracy of SLIM's landing represents a major advance, because it was a very difficult technological task to achieve.

The SLIM rover has landed in a crater called Shiuli, less than 300 meters in diameter, where it will analyze rocks in order to explore the hitherto unknown lunar crust.

SLIM also carried a spherical lunar rover called SORA-Q, which is barely larger than a tennis ball and equipped with two cameras, and which can change its shape and travel on the lunar surface. The gadget was jointly developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy.

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The spacecraft was launched on September 7, 2023 by a rocket from Tanegashima Spaceport in southwestern Japan, and entered lunar orbit on December 25.

Thanks to the successful landing on the moon, after the Soviet Union, the United States, China and India, Japan became the fifth country to land a space module on the moon.

Cover image source: Getty Images

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