It's never too late to return unnecessary Christmas gifts

It’s never too late to return unnecessary Christmas gifts

Most people may be familiar with the experience of getting the same gift lurking under wrapping paper more than once at Christmas, and then the question arises, what can be done? How long do merchants take to return products? What are the rights of customers? How has the coronavirus epidemic changed? Tamas Krajniak, Chief Operating Officer at, outlined our options should we want to return or exchange merchandise.

Online shopping gives you a lot of freedom

In the case of online shopping, a contract is concluded between absentees, in this case the customer does not see the product, he can see it in person after delivery, and grab it with his hands, so if someone orders with delivery, he has 14 days to cancel without buying. You can unpack and try it on, and then you can choose not to, so you have more freedom than if you were shopping in person. It should also be noted that more and more web shops are giving customers the opportunity to decide within 30 or sometimes 90 days whether they want to keep the product they ordered. Don’t despair even if we personally purchase an electronic product and have a problem with it. “If we buy an electronic device and it has a defect, dealers are obligated to replace it within three days, if there is no defect that can be fixed immediately,” Tamas Krajniak noted.

Traders are more flexible after Christmas and early in the year

During the Christmas season, traders are more flexible, with most places accepting exchanges between two holidays and up to the first week of January, which can be important in the event of a volume issue or if someone receives two or more of something. It happens to every store what happens when we return a product, as each company has its own policy for doing so. There are places where we can take back the amount of the product, there are places where we can buy it, maybe even exchange it for a voucher and buy it later. In many stores, we can take back what we’re not happy with until mid-January, or until the end of the month. However, this always requires a ban or an account.

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The epidemic also affected the relationship between dealers and buyers

It pays to offer the best possible return option to customers, as this is a competitive advantage and also a very good marketing ploy. This is because it can be a positive gesture on the part of merchants to buyers if they are given more space to exchange than is legally required.Tamas Krajniak confirmed.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more stores are beginning to extend the time frame during which they are still exchanging purchased products. On the other hand, this may be due to the fact that during the first waves, a large number of shops had to be closed for a longer period of time, so that customers did not have the opportunity to return the goods complained of for some reason. After life returned to the somewhat old wheelhouse, and stores opened their doors as normal again, many businesses retained the practice.

Online commerce has also had an amazing benefit to this pandemic. “It used to take three to six months to open a web store, in the first two waves of Covid, you could hear that in a day or two, two companies opened web stores, which has become more and more in the last couple of years, so there’s a lot of competition, so right That in addition to prices, it is also important to determine the opportunities that the merchant leaves to his customersThe expert stressed.

Loyalty cards work less

Years ago, most companies experimented with the method in which they presented their customers with a embossed plastic card, in the possession of which was accompanied by certain discounts and additional services. “Nowadays customers feel this is less exclusive, it has become a cliché, and let’s face it, everyone has a limited place in their wallets. Many companies are trying to replace this solution with apps, so you can collect points by default during purchases. However, our experience is that the best way to do this is to provide customers with more than what is legally required for replacement, downtime or warranty.“- summed up the Operations Manager of

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