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“Is it a problem for Verstappen to dominate? As if Hamilton did…”

“Is it a problem for Verstappen to dominate? As if Hamilton did…”

According to Jacques Villeneuve, the majority of the Formula 1 community will not make a case if Lewis Hamilton continues to dominate.

The Dutch rider took his ninth successive win in the 2014 Tour in his homesetting Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 record. At Monza this weekend, the 25-year-old will be the favourite, but Red Bull’s dominance is already becoming too much for the fans.

Many experts and competitors alike question whether such dominance is good for the sport. According to the 1997 world champion, the answer is clearly yes. The former Canadian competitor stressed that the sport has seen this before, even not so long ago. But at the time, most people didn’t have a problem with that.

According to Villeneuve, Verstappen is now competing at different levels, so his success is quite evident.

“Well, he’s much better than the others now, that’s the story. Anyway, there’s no point in shouting that it’s bad for Formula 1. It’s not the rules that make him the best, he’s very good. When Lewis (Hamilton) and Mercedes were in front, they didn’t I hear a lot of people complaining. Why wasn’t Louis’s reign as challenged as Max’s now? I don’t know what’s behind it” – He said Canadian.

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