Index – Sports – Both the women’s relay and relay are semi-finalists at the World Short Track Championships

Petra Jászapáti, Zsófia Kónya, Rebeka Sziliczei-Német, Sára Bácskai Luca – who completed the 3000m in 4:14.708 minutes – were surpassed in their race only by the star-studded Dutch (4:14.011 minutes).

The men’s relay consisting of Attila Talapos, Pence Nogrady, Daniel Tiburch and Peter Yaszabate finished third behind the Netherlands and Canada in the 5000m quarter-final race, but the time result (6:54.271 minutes) was enough for half of the match. -finals.

The mixed relay of Zsófia Kónya, Sara Luca Bácskai, Dániel Tiborcz and Attila Talabos was not so lucky, as was the Canadian, Belgian and Japanese quadruple race. Due to slips, he finished third, but this did not mean that he could advance (2:43.830 minutes). The Americans, who had just successfully completed the course, completed the 2000m in 2:43.423 minutes.

In the women’s 500m, Petra Yashappati won her heat and can wait for the quarter-finals, Sara Luca Bacsky had to console, while Attila Tallapos is a quarter-finalist in the men’s 500m, and Daniel Tyburch is a promising runner.

In the women’s 1000 metres, Petra Jaszabti became the third-place finisher in the quarter-finals, while Zsovia Konia was disqualified for illegal overtaking. In the men’s field, Daniel Tiburts and Pence Nogrady can continue to console.

Last year’s Olympic bronze medalist, Petra Gaszabate, was eliminated in the quarter-finals in the 1,500-meter mixed relay, while Rebecca Szyliczy-Nimt reached the semi-finals with a time of 2:29.997 minutes. In the men’s class, Pence Nogrady and Alex Varenich were moved into the Hope Races on Saturday.

This is the first world championship since Olympic champion Liu Brothers left the Hungarian national team and pursued their professional career in China.

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