Interesting details about the story of Silent Hill: The SMS have been leaked News block

Konami’s Mystery Project Silent Hill: The Short MessageThanks to the committee responsible for Taiwanese game ratings, yesterday, among other things, some details of the game’s mysterious history emerged.

This year has proven to be a busy year for fans of the Silent Hill games, as it was announced Silent Hill 2 remake version, in addition New Silent Hill game revealed himself. Yesterday, with the permission of the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Commission, the committee responsible for game ratings, we received new information about the game that the Konami team is working on.

Horror is coming to PlayStation 5, in fact, The Taiwanese committee also posted a short synopsis of the game Accompanied by a concept drawing. The new Silent Hill is no different than before Sakura A project under the codename, which in many ways is similar to the defunct horror game PT.

According to the synopsis, Anita visits an abandoned flat to meet her friend, Maya. After arriving, he was trapped between the walls of the building. So his goal is to find a way out, avoid various monsters and overcome his fears before they eat him. We hope the leaked material will be officially confirmed soon.

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