Indicator - Economy - There were investments that survived the government shutdown

Indicator – Economy – There were investments that survived the government shutdown

23.08.2022. 2:22 pm

As construction notes were opened on time, many investments began to be implemented despite the government’s halt, but it is still not known which investments will be negatively affected by the government’s 1100 billion HUF freeze.

Despite the government blockade of HUF 1,100 billion, many investments have begun, according to information from Világgazdaság, and this was possible with the opening of the construction diary. In the case of developments for which notes were opened in May, construction can begin without interruption in the following months.

One such investment is the renovation of the railway line between Budapest and Belgrade, the cornerstone of which was laid last October. Expropriations are underway in the northern section, and work is already underway in the southern section. It is being demolished in Kiskoor area railway track, and in some places the new track is already being built. The investment must be fully completed by 2025.

Despite the government shutdown, the development of highways and public road networks can also be carried out. Accordingly, the four-lane Highway 83 will be constructed, the M6 ​​motorway section will be built between Puli and Ivandarda, and the Danube bridge can also be completed at Kaluxa. It is expected to be completed at the end of 2023, beginning of 2024. This includes the M44 motorway, which is due to be completed by 2025.

The page According to his report, Magyar Falu and the Modern Cities Program are also protected from government blockades, so in the 2023 budget, 26.7 billion Swiss francs were allocated for the former and 23.3 billion forints for the latter. European Capital of Culture (ECC) 2023 projects will also be implemented, in which Veszprém can spend about 30 billion HUF on infrastructure development.

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Developments to increase capacity were also not affected by the decision, so investments from BMW and Mercedes, as well as the development of the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL, will also be realized.

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