Indication - abroad - Beijing has also responded to sanctions against the British

Indication – abroad – Beijing has also responded to sanctions against the British

China responded to the UK’s criminal record, banning nine people and imposing sanctions on four UK entities dealing with human rights and the Uyghur status.

The background to the case is that Britain has punished high-ranking Chinese officials in parallel with the European Union for its repressive treatment of the Muslim Uyghur minority in western China.

Beijing has already responded to the European Union, and now it’s the UK’s turn.

Duncan Smith, the former leader of the Conservative Party, as well as the Human Rights Committee of the Unification Party itself, and several British lawmakers have been added to the sanctions list.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry justified the measures on the basis of this

That the stakeholders are spreading “lies and misinformation” about Xinquinag.

Under the sanctions, residents and their family members are not permitted to enter China or do business with Chinese companies.

The United States and Canada also imposed sanctions on Chinese officials in this case, but Beijing has yet to take revenge on them, MTI points out.

It has been known for years that they have been held en masse in re-education camps for members of the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang Province in western China, but the nationwide consequences have just seemed to have materialized. Observers say that the new US government, continuing the policy of its predecessor, wants to pressure Beijing and urges joint action with its allies against China. Uyghur status provides an excellent basis for this.

The Uyghur issue has really plagued China’s international image, but the Asian giant is not only leaving itself as it is getting increasingly hard-line on the global political stage, but it is also mounting a counterattack in the economic sphere.

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