Russia responded to the US sanctions

Russia responded to the US sanctions

Moscow sends the American ambassador and expels ten American diplomats.

As is known, the United States imposed sanctions on Russia and expelled ten Russian diplomats. After that, three employees of the Russian embassy in Warsaw were also classified as unwanted in Poland.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke in this regard: The advisor to the Russian president, Yuri Usakov, suggested to the US ambassador John Sullivan when he asked his office on Friday to return to Washington for consultations like his Russian counterpart. Kommersant wrote that this was an actual expulsion. However, the comment noted that, unlike the declaration of persona non grata (this happened to US Ambassador George Kennan to the Soviet Union in 1952), this is a milder move by which the receiving party indicates that the head of mission may return to his post at a later time. However, the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations does not recognize it Sending the ambassador for diplomatic advice“Concept.

Cool relationship

Lavrov announced that Russia will prohibit the use of Russian and third-country citizens by US embassies on its territory. In addition, Moscow will, on the basis of reciprocity, limit the number of personnel that can be accredited to US missions on short missions to 10 per year.

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<p>The head of Russian diplomacy announced this because US diplomatic personnel had regularly violated it in 1992<em> “From open ground” </em>Moscow will subject them to a permit for all trips over 25 miles.  The head of the Russian diplomacy said that based on the principle of reciprocity, Russia, like the United States, will add eight senior government officials from the other country to its sanctions list.  He promised to publish the list at a later time.</p><div class=
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Unsolicited non-governmental organizations

Lavrov announced that Russian institutions and NGOs controlled by the US State Department and other government agencies will be phased out in Russia. He also said that after Warsaw had designated three employees of the Russian embassy as persona non grata, Moscow would also expel five Polish diplomats.

The minister predicted that in the event of a further deterioration in relations, Moscow would eliminate inequality in the number of personnel in the diplomatic missions of the two countries. He pointed out that about 450 diplomats and administrators from the two countries work in other countries, but 150 of the Russian framework work in the United Nations and do not serve bilateral relations. In the future, the number of US foreign service personnel in Russia may also drop to 300. Lavrov said the Russian side is on US business “painful” Measures are also being considered. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said it would respond to all rounds of US sanctions.


Editorial photo: Russian Foreign Ministry / Sputnik / AFP

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