Index - Tech - The best post-apocalyptic game in recent years can continue

Index – Tech – The best post-apocalyptic game in recent years can continue

The Mad Max – Fury Road The American-Australian action movie was shown in cinemas in 2015. Directed by George Miller is the fourth crazy maxIt was a movie well known to fans, guiding you into a post-apocalyptic desolate world where there really is a shortage of fuel and water. The protagonist is Tom Hardy, who along with Emperor Furiosa (Charlize Theron) escapes from the leader of the Cruel cult and his team, Immortal Joe (Hugh Case Byrne).

Production was originally scheduled for as early as 1997, but the start had to be delayed several times, which resulted in Mel Gibson not returning to the role of Max but rather leaving the project aside.

In 2015, however, the crazy maxFans finally had a good year, shortly after the release of the movie, Avalanche Studios crazy max, whose hero was Max Rokatansky in the same way, but was very loosely associated with the cinema franchise. However, the spectators were able to save the wonderful movement and spin from the movies to the game, way of anger And they quote well Mad Max-Car clashes game.

In addition to exploring an open and very dangerous world, crazy maxIn, our goal was to lead our revenge campaign against the immortal son Joe who appeared in the movie, who left the protagonist to his fate and stole his car. The crazy maxWeird humor wasn’t left out either, thanks to a companion named Chumbucket who helped us build a cool “cart” out of our initially rusty car, the Magnum Opus.

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2015 crazy max It was one of the best video games of recent years and perhaps the most underrated post-apocalypse – a statement that probably won’t be disputed by many who have tried the transfer at Avalanche Studios.

The crazy max Nevertheless, it performed well at the box office, including in the United States, and was the second best-selling game in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain prefixed with the list.

However, his more serious afterlife was no surprise, until now there was no question Mad Max 2and to be a video game sequel.

The news – or rather the rumors – about this will have to wait seven years, and Mad Max 2 Concrete just leaked out of its development.

Digital designer Wendy Fock posted a photoshoot on Twitter. According to the accompanying text, the specialist participated in it to: Mad Max 2Scan it based on it, as it hides in the skin of the rebel.

Avalanche Studios hasn’t moved anything yet Mad Max 2That’s why the big news, who – which The designer accidentally leaked the fact of the development. The photo was taken in principle before the coronavirus epidemic, which could easily have halted the company’s business for some time.

According to the gaming press, it is not excluded that a file Mad Max 2In the background, perhaps, he’s really preparing for a new post-apocalyptic adventure. However, it pays to be skeptical about the designer’s invitation. At least one person is not too disappointed when it turns out that the post was created in error. There have been examples of this in the past.

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