Video – Csaba Kajdi was in a funny mood: explaining what a bull is Attila Árpa

Kasaba Kajdi Rowing back into French waters, she reported from Nice. However, Cyla is still following the events of the galactic star world: this time, she spoke about Attila Árpa’s recent appearance on her social media page. Latest Instalegenda videos for a few more hours Click here You can watch it.

On the latest broadcast of Dancing with the Stars, Attila Urba is also back, showing off her dancing skills once again in the company of Adele Xobot and Percy Heggis. The actor’s entrance was so strong, he even managed to scare away Nura Erdogan. Now let’s see what Sila thought of what she saw:

“What a bull Uncle Bachelor… He’s a darling follower and cheerleader. He’s the big guy on stage.”

– said Csaba Kajdi, who said that Attila Árpa looked like a little-bellied Latin lover.

“Aye, take care of your waist and knees.”

– Sela commented on what she saw, then added that the actor will be able to rest for 4 days after the dance.

Here is the production:

In his other videos, Csaba Kajdi has featured the latest singles from the UK and the US. The title of the show in English is BA, which means BA in Hungarian. This is also why Cyla phonetically calls Árpa “Uncle Paslor”.

“Where are you from our bachelor? It’s good that we have a bachelor uncle, but then what?”

– the popular media personality was amused.

In the end, Csaba Kajdi decided to switch to the Hungarian program instead of the foreign versions, and then informed his followers about the program in German:

“Hungarian appointed BA”. Meine BA ist Wundershkon “

wrote in his letter.

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(Featured image: Csaba Kajdi’s Instagram)

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