Index - Tech-Science - Twitter founder laments internet centralization

Index – Tech-Science – Twitter founder laments internet centralization

07/04/2022 20:45

said Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

The Twitter founder made a little mess with one of his recent posts, mourning the old stuff.

Usenet, IRC, web, and even email (with PGP) have been great times. Centralized discovery and identity in companies has become very harmful to the Internet. I know I can partially do it, and I’m sorry about that

He said.

Jack Dorsey resigned as Twitter’s CEO at the end of November last year, and since then has only operated the online payment system, formerly known as Square, later Block. As the founder and leader of Twitter, he was a very serious player in internet culture. Since the service’s audience is still organized around opinion leaders close to the media, the content that appears here has an exaggerated impact, and in many cases instagram memes and checkerboard also start from here.

Dorsey has always been a proponent of internet decentralization, for example in 2019 trying to promote an open source social networking protocol. His unfortunate tweet, of course, received a mixed reception.

The evolution of online advertising systems has evolved from a global folklore festival to truly toxic newspaper advertising. The supermodel programmer’s complaints still seem strange because as a result of this development, he is currently in the Forbes 418 Rich List with assets of over $8 billion. Anyway, you have to write a lot of crying posts on the internet if you want to dive more slowly into the gloom of mystery.

(MashableAnd the ZDnet)

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