The "Crazy Christmas" man set a world record

The “Crazy Christmas” man set a world record

A German “Christmas madman” could set a world record by creating 444 decorative artificial pines in his apartment for this Christmas, MTI writes.

Thomas Jeromene, 55, who lives in Rinteln, Lower Saxony, and his wife, Susan, turn their home into a true “Christmas wonderland” every year with lots of decorative pine trees.

Last year, 420 Christmas trees were stacked in the 100-square-foot apartment, and 444 pine trees erected this year were lit by 47,000 stoves. There are also Christmas trees, such as pine trees decorated with Star Wars figures or rubber ducks.

Jeromeine brings his artificial pines out of his attic on the first day of August every year, when, among other things, no less than 72,000 ornamental balls must be worn on them. For some time now, Christmas decorations were sent to him from all over Germany.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the man also took guided tours of his own Christmas tree paradise. He didn’t renew the habit this year, not least because of the lack of space in the apartment.

On Monday, the German Recording Institute (Rekord-Institut für Deutschland, RID) examined the Christmas tree forest and identified it as the “most decorated Christmas tree in one place” at the site.

(Featured image: Thomas Jeromen’s apartment. Photo: Ole Spata/DPA/dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP)

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