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Index – Tech-Science – The world temperature record has been broken

Index – Tech-Science – The world temperature record has been broken

The United States National Center for Environmental Prediction announced that the Earth’s average temperature reached 17.01°C on Monday, July 3, which broke the record of 16.92°C that had existed since August 2016. According to this, Monday is the hottest day In the world, the last month was the hottest month of June in the world.

the BBC He pointed out that scientists have been measuring the Earth’s average temperature since the nineteenth century, so the current record is also calculated from here.

According to experts, the cause of global warming is the large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions on the one hand, and on the other hand, the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, which, in addition to temperature peaks, is also accompanied by floods, heat waves and sometimes hurricanes.

Scientists maintain that because of El Niño, we can expect more records in the next year and a half.

In Spain and many countries in Asia, the record spring heat is accompanied by sea heat waves, as well as in regions whose composition was not previously typical. In May, the ocean temperature also rose to a record high.

At the end of June, temperatures in China exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, while stifling heat was reported in the southern part of the United States. As we wrote, about a hundred people died in India in the sweltering heat in June.