Index - Tech-Science - The United Nations warns of an increase in severe forest fires by 50%

Index – Tech-Science – The United Nations warns of an increase in severe forest fires by 50%

By the end of the century, the number of severe wildfires will increase by about 50 percent; BBC News quoted BBC News as saying on Thursday that bushfire risks are rising in areas where this has not been the case before, including the Arctic.

Severe fires are intense fires that occur nearly a hundred years ago. The researchers explained the deteriorating trend with rising temperatures and changes in land use. The study calls for fire prevention and firefighting and a radical reallocation of financial resources.

Big fires that have been burning for weeks are getting hotter and raging for long periods in many parts of the planet where there have always been wildfires. Today, fires broke out in the far north, scientists at the United Nations Environment Program say, with peatlands drying up and permafrost thawing. They noted that by 2030, the number of severe fires worldwide will increase by up to 14 percent compared to the fires recorded in 2010-2020. Growth could reach 30 percent by 2050 and 50 percent by the end of the century.

“Based on a global analysis of fire frequency, the chances of such fires could increase 1.3 to 1.5 times,” said Andrew Sullivan of CSIRO, an Australian public research institute. The results did not change for the low or high carbon scenario.

More fires are expected in the Arctic regions as climate change significantly affects the region. However, in Africa, where about two-thirds of the world’s wildfires are currently generated, there will be fewer fires in the coming decades as more and more forests are cut down for agricultural land due to the growing population.

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The authors also point out that governments need to change the spending model for big fires. Currently, less than 1% of the funding is spent on planning and prevention, while firefighting accounts for more than half the budget, MTI says.

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