We need to earn more to keep up with Mercedes

We need to earn more to keep up with Mercedes

Given the circumstances, Max Verstappen considers second place in the Spanish Grand Prix a good result, but he thinks they need to improve by several points in order to keep up with Mercedes.

A battle between two of the leading riders of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship, defending champion Lewis Hamilton after the first four races with three wins and second place and 14 points clear of Max Verstappen, who scored one victory and three second places. Red Bull colors.

There is an intense competition between Verstappen and HamiltonSource: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Bryn Lennon

The language of the scales leans towards Hamilton and Mercedes at the moment, but so far every race has been so tight, with Red Bull in general on Saturday and Mercedes on Sunday more competitive. This is how it evolved last time, also in the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen led the race early, but was overtaken by Hamilton, but the Dutch driver was not yet disappointed with the result.

“I have good memories, but as a team we didn’t have the best weekend, we weren’t fast enough in the race either. It’s true, but we were still in second place and accumulated a lot of points for the team. We are still at the beginning of the season, but we need to try to press Mercedes to start winning more races, “he announced.

According to Verstappen, Red Bull is constantly looking for opportunities for improvement, focusing on two main areas, but the business promises to be increasingly challenging as more attention needs to be paid to working in the 2022 car from week to week, in addition to Monte Carlo and Baku lead two street races that do not necessarily represent the performance of the car.

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“I don’t think the tire wear and overall speed of our car was good enough to be a true competitor to Mercedes. It overtook Lewis in turn 1, but if it hadn’t worked, it would have pulled me smoothly. So after having led the race for so long, it was hard to comprehend that I lost the win. We need to keep improving. “

Hamilton heroically defended his position against Verstappen in the 2019 Monaco Grand PrixSource: AFP / Boris Horvat

In the next Monaco Grand Paper, he is not the most promising path for Verstappen, although he finished second in the chase for Hamilton in 2019, but was relegated by a penalty, so he continues his career to reach the first podium in Monaco. He said he found the leadership in the Monaco time experience great and hopes Red Bull have a smooth weekend this time.

“We’ll see if we’re going to be fast enough or not, but we’ve been close enough so far [a pole-hoz]Hope it’s the same in Monaco. ”“ We have to be on the lookout on Saturday because getting past Sunday is usually very difficult, but a lot can happen. We have to do our best on Saturday and Sunday to reach the top of the podium. “

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