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Index - Tech-Science - It is easiest to get vaccinated in America

Index – Tech-Science – It is easiest to get vaccinated in America

As the desire for vaccination wanes in the United States, the White House is very creatively trying to promote vaccination. The US government announces vaccination as a new measure that immunizes itself against Covid that will not only protect itself and others from a potentially deadly disease, but that may “find your love.”

Whoever announces the vaccine gets huge likes

The White House Covid-19 team announced Friday that a number of popular dating apps are offering new discounts for vaccinated users: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, BLK, Chispa, Plenty of Fish and Badoo are also participating in the promotion. The White House is hoping for the right breakthrough with fifty million users who already spend a lot of time on these dating apps.

On Tinder, anyone adds a poster to their profile between June 2 and July 4 to promote their vaccination status

You get Free Super Like.

Tinder and other apps are also adding vaccination resources to help people know where to get the vaccine nearby.

It is a spark that can even ignite the fireworks of true love, and it can be a fresh start for those who want to meet new people in the outside world this summer as well.

Emphasize Jim Lanzon, CEO of Tinder.

“If women are vaccinated, they will not be vaccinated like this.”

OkCupid says giving the vaccine can help with that anyway. The company found that those who indicated their vaccination status were 14 percent more likely to find a party. On OkCupid, pollinated users also get a free payment: a feature that boosts their profile in potential mates. Other apps participating in the White House initiative distribute their premium rewards to give users a competitive advantage.

The effort is part of the White House’s push to reach the Fourth of July

70% of adults vaccinate themselves.

In order to reach as many Americans as possible, the Biden government also consulted with famous entertainment companies to promote the vaccine, such as NASCAR and the country music channel CMT.

Social distancing and dating have always been a somewhat tricky combination

Said Andy Slavitt, Covid’s chief adviser to the White House, at a press event on Friday. He described forcing the vaccine through dating apps because these companies “heeded the president’s call” and described joint work with the government as an informal partnership.

We’ve finally found the one thing that makes us all more attractive: the vaccine

Slavit announced.

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