Index - Tech-Science - Anyone who likes celebrities does worse on IQ tests

Index – Tech-Science – Anyone who likes celebrities does worse on IQ tests

A study conducted by Hungarian researchers showed that people who watch the lives of the rich and famous with enthusiasm usually score lower on cognitive tests.

The results of the study were published in a journal called BMC Psychology. The research was conducted by Zsolt Demetrovics, chair of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Addiction at Eötvös Loránd University, and Agnes Zilla, a staff member at the Institute of Psychology at Péter Pázmány Catholic University, with the American psychologist, a Lynn Ecollected from It was first defined by celibacy syndrome (Celebrity Cult Syndrome).

1,763 Hungarian adults were included in the study conducted in 2020. Participants were asked to complete two intelligence tests and one self-assessment as part of an online survey, while also completing a test called the Celebrity Behavior Scale, which practically measures the level of enthusiasm for celebrities.

Speaking to Qubeit, Agnes Zsila said that according to the latter, respondents were divided into categories. For example, “extreme fans” usually included those who answered yes to the statement in the test “If I was lucky enough to meet my favorite celebrity and she asked me to do something illegal as a favour, I probably would” or “If I had Hundreds of thousands of forints, I will definitely spend it on some of my favorite souvenirs and tools.”

In the meantime, the participants’ abilities were evaluated in several formats. They also looked at what they had learned before (fixed intelligence) and how well they were able to make use of new information (fluid intelligence). According to the results

This trend persisted even when other factors (education, income, or demographic characteristics of the place of residence) were taken into account.

At the same time, Ágnes Zsila stated that based on the survey, it is not yet clear exactly how celebrity passion is related to cognitive abilities. One possible explanation is that celebrity fame — and the single emotional connection that accompanies it — distracts from celebrity fans and can lead to poor performance. Another possible explanation is that people with higher intelligence are less likely to become fans because they are able to recognize and differentiate the true personality of a celebrity from the celebrity marketing strategy.

Thus, according to the researcher, it is still not clear whether the craving for celebrity is the cause or the consequence of weak abilities. He added that more research is needed to determine whether pathological celebration is a cause or a consequence of low IQ. Agnes Zsella.

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