Index - Sports - World Water Polo League: The Hungarian national team defeated the Spaniards in a stormy five-meter match

Index – Sports – World Water Polo League: The Hungarian national team defeated the Spaniards in a stormy five-meter match

The Hungarian men’s water polo team began their embarrassing defeat to Canada in the eight-team world league final in Belgrade on Tuesday. The Hungarian national team could have improved against the Spaniards on Wednesday afternoon, but the match was interrupted by a huge storm and stood for more than an hour, MTI wrote.

In the first three quarters, spectators could see a fairly balanced match, the two teams competed head-to-head, and at the end of the third part of the match, the Hungarians were able to turn their hair with a Spanish 9-8 lead. Then, before the start of the fourth quarter, the match was stopped, and the organizers ordered a twenty-minute rest due to the storm that struck the scene, but the torrential rain not only weakened, but intensified during the forced rest.

By the way, the whole scene was properly ravaged by a storm: journalists fled to the media center from the rain,

There, however, a piece of the roof was torn apart and water poured into the building.

The players of the two teams played for a long time in the indoor pool of Tasamegdan pool, Essay on the national sport It took about seventy minutes for the game to start over again. The Hungarians came out of the forced break better: they managed to draw quickly in the fourth quarter, then also advanced, but the Spaniards equalized in the last minute via Granados, and there was no response, so the match had to be set at five meters.

The Spanish team played well today. To win, it took serious teamwork, extra exclusivity and good goalkeeping performance. Even if we had had a chance to win in normal time, we could still be the first team. It’s a big step forward now, we were in Hell yesterday, and if we weren’t even in Heaven now, we are out of Hell.

– Federal Captain Tamas Marks said after the match, adding that it was not the current performance that surprised him, but on Tuesday against Canada.

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Here, Cardos excelled in goal, shooting twice, and in the end the Hungarian team won by 15-12, and you can wait a little more quietly for the last game of the group stage against Japan.

Results of the group stage, second round:

  • Japan-Canada 17-7 (6-2, 2-2, 8-2, 1-1)
  • Hungary – Spain 12-15 (2-3, 3-3, 3-3, 3-2, 4-1) – five meters

(Cover photo: Madar Dávid / MVLSZ)

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