Previously reinforced by engineers who also worked at Mercedes

Previously reinforced by engineers who also worked at Mercedes

Red Bull announced in an official announcementHe contracted important engineers to develop technology. The newcomers include many professionals who previously worked for Mercedes.

Christian Horner says the appointments demonstrate their commitment to their goals (Image: AFP)


Red Bull with its new engineers aims to make the car’s engine as advanced as possible for the new period starting in 2022. This is also important because the hangar will leave Honda engines at the end of the season and will instead use its own resources developed this year, which will be built at its base in Milton Keynes. As a result, two weeks ago, the team also announced that Ben Hodgkinson would be the new technical director of developers, having previously worked with Mercedes for a long time.

The fold is now strengthened into five more important positions, in addition to the professionals who previously worked with the competitor, namely Steve Bloit, Omid Mostaghimi, Babe Claude, Anton Mayo and Steve Brody. However, Red Bull also announced that the team responsible for the mechanical improvements will also get a new captain in the coming weeks.

“Today’s appointments show that we are committed to our own goals and also show that we can only benefit from our UK headquarters. The newly recruited professionals will add valuable experience and innovative ideas to the Red Bull Powertrains program and ensure we have the strongest possible technology available to us in the future.” He said Christian HornerHead of the Red Bull team.

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