Index - Sports - Here's the new 'feel': a Jamaican DJ on a giant slalom - VIDEO!

Index – Sports – Here’s the new ‘feel’: a Jamaican DJ on a giant slalom – VIDEO!

Interestingly Benjamin Alexander, who was born in England to his Jamaican father and British mother at the age of 33, thought it was a nice DJ career, but he loved the sport called skateboarding at first because he said he was going to be an Olympian and now at 38, he has succeeded in colors Jamaican.

However, his performance lagged far behind his best, as he was the last of the 46 to reach the finish line, finishing with a time of 1:37.94 – of course, if you look at him, he was way ahead of those who couldn’t. Don’t finish their slips at the end.

the number By the way, the Swiss Marco Odermatt won, and the Hungarian Marton Kiki finished in 34th place by tactical slips.

Liu Shuang Olympic gold has already been reported in a number of materials, and feminine in gear World and European champions according to paper format Dutch They won. Looking up at the sky and pointing to memory, the gold medalists remembered world champion Lara van Ruijven, who passed away in July 2020 and was still a member of the bronze medal relay in Pyongyang.

Norwegian Ski Marty Olspo Rosland French third Quentin Fillon Millet And he got his second gold medal in Beijing by winning the chase competition.

It’s the same in the men’s cross country Russians They triumphed with great superiority, as they had triumphed the day before with the women. American speed skaters 500 meters US Irene Jackson win.

Beijing 2022

Giant running for men

1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 2:09.35 (Race 1: 1: 02.93pm, Race 2: 1:06.42)

2. Zan Kranjec (Slovenian) 2:09.54 (1:03.71, 1:05.83)

3. Mathieu Fever (French) 2: 10.69 (1: 03.01, 1: 07.68)

… 34. Martin Kekessi 2:33.54 (1: 14.47, 1: 19.07)

fast short path

Men’s 500m

1 – Liu Chawang (Hungarian) 40.33

2. Konstantin Ivlev (Russian national team) 40.45

3 – Stephen Dubois (Canada) 40.68

4 – Abzal Azgaliev (Kazakhstan) 40.88

Pietro Sighel is not finished

Female transmission 3000m

1. Holland (Susan Schulting, Selma Botsma, Xandra Vilzebor, Yara van Kerkhove, Rhianna de Vries) 4: 03.409 min

2. South Korea (Seo Vi Min, Choi Min John, Kim A Lang, Li Yu Bin, Park Jiu Jun) 4: 03.627

3. China (Han Yu-tung, Zhou Chun-yu, Chiang Zhou-tung, Fan Ku-xin, Xiang Yu-ting) 4: 03.863


Man fare 12.5 km

1. Quentin Fillon Maillet (France) 39: 07.5 min (0 foul)

2- Targy Bo (Norway) 28.6 seconds, fault (1).

3 – Eduard Latypov (Russian Olympic Committee) 35.3 (1)

Women’s work 10 km

1. Marte Olsbu Röiseland (Norway) 34: 46.9 minutes (one foul)

2. Elvira Öberg (Sweden) 1: 36.5 min deprivation (3)

3. Teryl Eckhoff (Norway) 1:48.7 p. (3)

Men’s gearbox size 4 x 10 km

1. Russian Olympic Committee (Alexei Chervotkin, Alexander Bolsonov, Genis Spitov, Sergey Ustyugov) 1:54: 50.7

2. Norway (Emil Iversen, Pal Golberg, Hans Christer Holland, Johannes Hosvlüt Klebow) 1: 07.2 min Fault

3. France (Richard Goff, Hugo Laballos, Clement Paris, Maurice Mannecat) 1:16.4

high speed

women 500 meters

1. Erin Jackson (USA) 37.04 seconds

2- Takagi Miho (Japan) 12/37/

3 – Ansilika Golikova (Russian Olympic Committee) 37.21

The Finnish national hockey team reversed the unfavorable group with three goals

Conversely, the Finnish hockey team defeated the Swedish team 4-3 after extra time in the third round of the men’s hockey tournament at the Beijing Olympics on Sunday, finishing first in Group C.

In the last meeting of the quartet, after the goalless opening third, the Finns were at a disadvantage with three goals, but they equalized in the third 20th minute. In addition, the song of world champion Harry Pessonen decided that the Finnish team could celebrate.

In the men’s tournament, the winner of the three four-team teams, as well as the second best, will advance to the quarter-finals, where other national teams compete together and play against each other in the top eight.

men’s hockey

Group C, third round

Finland-Sweden 4–3 (0–0, 0–3, 3–0, 1–0) – after extension

Slovakia-Latvia 5-2 (1–1, 2–0, 2–1)

The end result of the group: 1. Finland 8 points, 2. Sweden 7, 3. Slovakia 3, 4. Latvia 0

the group

Canada – China 5-0

The United States and Germany 3-2

The group’s end result: 1. US 9, 2. Canada 6, 3. Germany 3, 4. Canada 0

(index / MTI)

(Cover photo: Joe KLAMAR / AFP)

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