Nipszava Concert for the Victims of COVID-19

Nipszava Concert for the Victims of COVID-19

The Budapest Festival Orchestra has held a memorial concert for those who died from the coronavirus. Mozart’s mass was performed in the convention center in front of a large audience that is strictly aurally censored.

On that day, Minister Miklos Kasler – who already knows why he was responsible – said, quoting verbatim: “There have been right decisions in the entire pandemic process, right assessments of the situation. (…) So I can’t say, looking back over the past year. , any of the circumstances under which we have not properly judged.” What those thirty thousand “mostly old and chronically ill” people who died in the past year, or their relatives, acquaintances and friends have to say about these “correct judgments”, at least and no later than next year’s elections. We do not believe that such a statement has just “come out” from the mouth of the Minister of Mankind, because if the governments formed by Fidesz have excelled in the last eleven years, they will occupy the channels of information and direct them outside the realm of financial assets, Kásler presumably where they are, because they on making such statements of complete human insensitivity either on their own or on instruction, or, let us be more lenient, after some kind of consultation with the competent Ministry of Propaganda, with an unwavering face. The Ministry of Human Resources headed by this man. Natural resources – iron, coal, water, oil, etc. Their habit is to either have fewer than they should or to run out. Well, something like this has happened to people now, it’s not worth one word. But! One doctor said nothing about the inevitable deaths, and being an excellent cancer specialist, he often had to deal with his work in recent decades: even the most advanced medicine can cure all diseases. And an epidemic, or a disease that can almost be considered epidemic, becomes terrifying precisely because the millions of patients with incurable but at least severe symptoms and after-effects indicate its presence around the world. It is clear, as we are used to, that the present “ideal” government is not responsible for anything. But at least one prominent medical representative could – in light of these facts – express his condolences to the victims of the pandemic, even if their numbers are very high in Hungary, for something more sincere. And if the government does not work as expected, some work will be left to civilians carefully disenfranchised exactly by the state, politicizing certain events, such as Mozart’s concert. This leads to frustrations, which can take the form of a fatal division of society, perfectly suited to the goals of power, after serious accidents. So, if not the government, the Budapest Ceremonial Orchestra has vowed to commemorate the victims by performing Mozart’s Requiem. The ceremony began with Orsolya Erdődy, Managing Director, greeting the participants, including János Áder, Cecília Müller and Gergely Karácsony, who were met with a large round of applause and applause. We are aware that this is a policy, we are aware of its nature, and we must also anticipate that the scenario we do not want will materialize in next year’s elections – but we still have to survive. However, we have written in our newspaper against the state television’s New Year’s National Anthem on RTL, which is performed by the band. About the “alternative” anthem and the short film that followed, which was then cut to the official government ceremonies saluting heads of state with heroes of fighting the epidemic, tyranny and careless beggary, the country belongs to all. They are, too, not just those who expropriate themselves by claiming two-thirds of them from some kind of air. Of course, we weren’t really surprised, but in light of the above, it’s somewhat interesting that the director’s salute and Evan Fisher’s memorial speech about the victims have been omitted from RTL Klub’s evening radio.Next Track. So the noble gesture – despite the telecast – remained largely the case of one or two thousand people who appeared on the scene. Neither some kind of compromise with the state, nor vice versa, the seizure of the failed government mission which the division so effectively intended to propagate has not been accomplished in this way. The point is that the top officials, the ones in charge, continue to listen instead, if possible, rather than disappear without a trace. All due respect to the Budapest Festival Orchestra for trying to draw attention to the victims.

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Mozart: Requiem by Anna Prohaska, Elizabeth Coleman, Zoltan Mejesse, Christian Kser, Ars Longa Choir, Conductor Budapest Festival Orchestra: Ivan Fischer Congress Center Budapest, May 26, 2021

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