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Index – Sport – Hungarian National Team Index: We saw these players on TV a year ago

Index – Sport – Hungarian National Team Index: We saw these players on TV a year ago

In the past, many American football leagues have been organized in Europe, but all of them fell short in short fashion – NFL Europe, which ran for eight years, is arguably the most successful attempt – and that’s why the sport’s pros get this award. Try with strong skepticism. However, the league organizers went ahead with the ill-fated project, and in December 2020 announced the start of the first two teams in the league. Six more teams followed in 2021, including the already well-known NFL Europe side Frankfurt Galaxy and the Hamburg Sea Devils.

German speakers dominate the league

These two teams dominated the first season, and Frankfurt won the final (32-30). Last year, the number of employees had already increased to 12The teams of five countries competed for the qualifiers in three groups (North, Central and South) instead of two groups (North and South). Hamburg was also interested in the final, but again fell short against a newcomer, the Vienna Vikings (15–27).

The clear goal of the ELF is to bring the excitement of the NFL Europe era back to American football european to his fans. Unlike the NFL in Europe, the ELF does not primarily want to base its league on the skills of foreign playersThis is why teams are subject to strict financial regulations. As a result, greater focus is being placed on European players, the best of whom are likely to hope to win overseas contracts.

Where can I follow you?

Matches can be watched from the United States and even Southeast Asia, and here Aréna4 has acquired the broadcast rights, but fans can also watch matches on the league’s website.

It was announced in May last year that Fehérvár Enthroners, Milano Seamen and Helvetic Guard would also join the current competition, Munich Ravens, Paris Muskateers and Prague Lions arrived later, with the only team not returning being the Istanbul Rams. This season, 17 teams are vying for first place.

The fastest growing Hungarian team

Fehérvár Enthroners was founded in November 2007 by a few enthusiastic young people who met each other in an online forum. They played their first season in 2009 in the Hungarian Third Division. The dynamically developing federation made a major breakthrough in 2016 when the 1st Stadium, which until now was considered the only official American football stadium in Hungary, became the new home of the team.

Two years later, in 2018, the team was promoted to the Hungarian Premier League, the Hungarian Football League (HFL), and since 2019, the team has reached the final in every season: He won the series twice.

Set groups

  • Eastern Conference: Feyhervar Inthrunners, Berlin Thunder, Leipzig King, Prague Lions, Vienna Vikings, Panthers Wroclaw
  • Central Conference: Barcelona Dragons, Helvetic Guards, Milanese Sailors, Munich Ravens, Stuttgart Surge, Riders Tyrol
  • Western Conference: Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils, Paris Knights, Rainfire

The regular season begins on June 3, and the season ends with the final in Duisburg on September 24. In addition to the three group winners, the three teams with the best scoring advance to the playoffs, regardless of conference.

Bumpy start

The 2023 ELF season didn’t start off easy for the Fehérvár Enthroners, as Koronázos’ side had to immediately pick up the pace against Berlin Thunder, one of the leading teams in the league. Ittihad Fehérvár sometimes showed signs of life, but eventually suffered a 36-3 defeat. positive it Through Péter Szőke, the team scored its first points in the UEFA Super League.

If we say that the start was difficult, that is even more true for the continuation, as the winner of the first competition, the Frankfurt Galaxy, was waiting in Heyervar. The fact that the visitors lost their first-choice manager, Jakip Sullivan, before the game gave the Hungarian side some hope, but they still outmaneuvered the Hungarian champions 48-13 with a confident performance.

We saw these players on TV a year ago.

About first match experiences with Fehérvár Enthroners players, Peter Szuki Defender and kicker for the Hungarian American football team, With Peter Tremboliak We talked.

First, we asked them how different this league is from the Hungarian First Division. According to Szőke, it is of course a much higher level than they are used to, however

Based on the first two games – regardless of the outcome – it doesn’t look at all that they will be as far from league level as once thought.

Trembouliac believes the biggest difference lies in speed and size. As he said: Technically, the rivals do nothing differently than the Hungarian players, but they do it faster and more aggressively.

They come as if they want our lives. He lies to me, tramples on me, tries to break me. If I lose my attention even for a moment, they’ll kill me.

– said the defender of Fehérvár, who emphasized that the Hungarian national team is also significantly behind in the amount of training. He mentioned it as an example The players of the Berlin Thunder team, who train six times a week, while in Feyhervar can only do half that.

We can’t solve the problem anymore, and the next day you have to go to work, which doesn’t always go well

he added.

In brackets, it should be noted that although we are talking about a semi-professional tournament, Fehérvár players practice this sport besides work, saving their time, money and health.

They pointed out that other promoted teams in this league have not achieved much success so far, so the expectation is expressed day by day in terms of development, not in the number of matches won. According to the Enthroners’ defender, it is “as if Ferencváros has entered the Premier League”.

We saw these guys on TV a year ago

Peter Tremboliak confirmed.

We also asked Péter Szőke how it felt to score the first points in Fehérvár Enthroners history at the ELF.

I ran, I measured myself, as I had done a thousand times before in training, I didn’t care about the opponent, the position or the cameras. All this was achieved only after that. I just happened to point at my dad in the stands before letting it all get to my head. In this sense, the kick was a confined and sterile moment

said Suzuki. He added that he had mixed feelings, because although points were scored, they were ultimately defeated.

A slightly easier match awaits the Enthroners now that the German is on the weekend They travel to the Kings of Leipzig. Leipzig was already part of the league last year, but compared to the previous season, the team’s framework has weakened significantly, so The people of Vihervar They can prepare for this meeting with much better omens than the first two.

Feyhervar schedule

  • June 3: Feyhervar Inthrunners – Berlin Thunder 3-36
  • June 10: Feyhervar Interrunners-Frankfurt Galaxy 13–48
  • June 17: Leipzig Kings – Feyhervar Interrunners
  • June 24: Leopards Wroclaw-Fiehervar Introverts
  • July 2: Feyhervar Introners – Vienna Vikings
  • July 9: Berlin Thunder-Feuhervar Entrepreneurs
  • July 15-16: rest week
  • July 23: Vihervar Inthrunners – Black Prague
  • July 30: Frankfurt Galaxy – Feyhervar Inthrunners
  • August 5-6: One week rest for all teams
  • August 12: Feyhervar Introners – Leipzig Kings
  • August 19: Prague Lions – Feyhervar Introverts
  • August 26: Vikings in Vienna – Feyhervar Introverts
  • September 3: Vyhervar Introverts – Panthers Wroclaw