It turns out which countries are the smartest in the world

It turns out which countries are the smartest in the world

Many have already wondered who is the most intelligent country in the world. This was vetted by Vouchercloud, which also took three factors into consideration when designing the menu.

Arranged by Vouchercloud One of the smartest countries in the world that I have seen Orego. The site collects data from several sources and then collects them to make their final ranking.

Ranking takes into account three factors:

  • The number of Nobel Prize winners
  • Average level of intelligence
  • The proportion of students in higher education

Nobel Prize winners

In addition to the United States, European countries are usually at the forefront of this ranking. An exception to this is Japan, which ranks sixth on the list with 26 Nobel Prize winners. Israel (12), India (10), South Africa (10-10), and China (9) remain at the forefront.

At the top of this field, the United States (368) has a great advantage, but the United Kingdom (132) and Germany (102) can present more than a hundred awards.

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In this ranking, Hungary ranks 21st with 9 Nobel Prize winners, the same number as China previously mentioned.

It is important to note that the site is considered to be a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian who was born in Hungary and left the country as an adult. Although Ferenc Hersko was born in Kerkaj, he was also awarded the Avram Hershko Prize in 2004 for becoming an Israeli citizen at the age of 13.

Additionally, there are six Nobel Prize winners who were not born in Hungary, but at least one of their parents was of Hungarian descent.

Average level of intelligence

In this comparison, the trend is reversed compared to the list of Nobel Prize winners, as only Asian countries are in the top six in the following order. The first non-Asian country is Finland, ranked seventh, with an average IQ of 100.9.

Hungary is 24th with France on this list, with an average of 98.1.

Interestingly, Liechtenstein ranks 10th, while Mongolia ranks 12th, with an average circular score of 100. The United States is not among the top 25 countries.


Asian countries are also at the forefront of this list. The list examines the percentage of students enrolled in higher education. As the first European country, Russia ranks sixth, with 38.46 percent.

Hungary ranks 14th on the list with 29.4 percent.

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