Index – Science & Technology – Tinder has introduced a new feature that will affect all the people in their dating lives

Using the dedicated photo verification function, users can prove that they do not want to deceive anyone.

Previously, users had to take pictures of themselves to make their profiles look authentic. Tinder is now augmenting this process by asking for video selfies instead of photos.

In addition, it will soon allow users to limit their conversations to members who also complete this form of authentication.

The change is intended for Tinder operators to make the app safer for registered members, the company announced on Techcrunch based on his reports.

Practically speaking, all we have to do is record a video of ourselves in the app using the front camera of our smartphone, thus proving that we are really who we are, about this mentioned.

The job was also introduced because it was feared that fake profiles would multiply like mushrooms. The app’s operators have also drawn attention to the fact that AI can easily be used to create misleading images, and they are now trying to prevent such efforts.

(Cover photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)